The Blood of the Ships: Part Two

Part Two

May 14th, 1632.

Banor McCallie stands at the bow of his ship, looking out over the waters. It’s just past daybreak and there’s a chill in the air. Banor, his sister Scarlet, and his first mate Gil, are the only ones up at this hour. Gil is at the wheel, keeping the ship- The Amethyst- on course. Scarlet is up at the lookout perch on the front mast, with the scope to her eye, checking to make sure they were still in the clear.

Scarlet is short and thin, with bright turquoise eyes and chocolate brown hair like her brother’s. Banor is tall and thin with eyes as green as emeralds, both Banor and Scarlet have lightly tanned skin and bright personalities. Gil, on the other hand, is short and husky, with thinning gray-blonde hair.

“Oi, Cap, I think I see something,” Scarlet shouts down from her perch, adjusting the scope. “Looks like a rowboat… There aren’t people inside, but it looks like something’s in there. We should be on it within the next ten minutes.” Banor nods as Scarlet works her way down, hand under hand as her legs grip the mast.

Scarlet walks briskly to the side of the ship and throws the rope ladder over the side, an excited look on her face. She takes off her spiky black high heeled boot and her stockings. She ties her hair back with a strip of leather and leans on the ship, waiting for the row boat to come into site.

Banor walks over to stand by her. As soon as the boat comes into view, Scarlet straightens and points, a grin splitting her face. ”There it is!” She backs up and takes a running start.

“Wait-“ Banor starts, but before he can say anything else, she’s already jumped off the ship. He looks over the side with a smile on his face as he sees her cannonball into the water. When he sees her surface, he yells, “If it’s something crazy, leave it there!”

Scarlet swims over the row boat while brushing stray hairs out of her face. Once she peers inside, she can’t help the gasp that escapes her. “Gods!” A baby!

She brushes her fingers over the baby’s face, and it immediately opens it’s eyes and smiles at her.

“Hi,” Scarlet smiles at the baby, grabbing a piece of paper she sees protruding from the folds of the blankets. She reads over the notes in total shock. A baby! “A girl huh? Well, you’re beautiful. We’ll take care of you and find a perfect name to suit you.” She brushes her fingers over the girl’s cheek once more and tows the row boat closer to the ship.

She glances up to see Banor peering over the side of the ship. “Well?” He yells down.

“Cap… how crazy is a baby?” She replies as she clings to the ladder and grabs the baby out of the row boat. The baby coos as Scarlet picks her up. Her cheeks are pink, she must be too hot in all the blankets she’s wrapped in. Scarlet quickly climbs the ladder with one arm, the rough rope digging into her feet.

“I’m sorry, a what?” Banor says in astonishment as Scarlet reaches the deck. Once she’s standing on deck, she thrusts the note in Banor’s direction and begins to unwrap the baby. “Scarlet… We can’t…”

“Banor,” Scarlet whines. Being only twenty, she’s still is a little immature. “We have to, she doesn’t have anyone else.” She sits down with the baby in her arms, cooing and tickling at the baby’s stomach. “She needs a name… Oh! And food… She’ll definitely need food soon. I don’t think she’s been in that boat for long.” Banor sighs and sits down next to her, elbows on his knees and head in his hands.

After a few minutes of silence, Scarlet becomes worried that he might not actually let the baby stay, but then he says “How about ‘Astrid’?” He looks at her with a smile on his face.

“Oh, Banor! I love it! It suits her, I think. Thank you, thank you!” She kisses him on the cheek and jumps up, Astrid giggling in her arms. “I’m going to go wake Fisher and see if he’ll build a crib for her.” She walks quickly to the stairs to go below deck, never taking her eyes off of Astrid, her face split with a huge smile.

Banor walks to the upper deck to where Gil is steering the ship. “What was all that about, Captain?”

Banor smiles. “We have to go get some supplies. It seems that we have a baby on board now.”

“A baby! Captain, we can’t have a baby on the ship!” His accent becoming thicker as he raises his voice.

Banor turns sternly to Gil. “It’s already been decided. She is mine and Scarlet’s responsibility. You needn’t concern yourself with her if you don’t want to. But please, get us to land, we need supplies.” Banor stalks off below deck, seeing most of the crew members have risen.


Scarlet knocks on Fisher’s door softly, hoping to wake him gently. Fisher, real name unknown, had been with the ship as long as Scarlet can remember. He’s the tallest person on the ship, with closely cropped black hair. He has hazel eyes, and his muscles are well defined from many years of hard work on the ship. Through the entire time Scarlet has known him, she hasn’t heard him speak one word.

He isn’t a cold person, just silent. Scarlet often goes to him when she needs something, and he always complies. He frequently sits at the bow of the ship, his feet dangling over the side. Scarlet always goes to him when she needs to vent. She knows he’ll listen.

She knocks a little harder at the door, hearing his cot shift. She backs up a little and his door opens a moment later. His eyes widen as he sees a baby clutching at Scarlet, drool dribbling down the baby’s chin.

“Hi… This is Astrid, it’s a long story. Could you build a crib for her?” Scarlet smiles at him as Astrid clutches at her finger with her tiny hands. Fisher scratches the back of his neck and nods. “Thanks so much, if you could have it done by tonight, that’d be so great.” She maneuvers around and kisses him on the cheek before scurrying away to find some milk for the baby.



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