The Blood of the Ships: Part One

Part One

Too many questions would have been asked if she hadn’t gone into hiding. Her mother had told everyone she’d gone on a trip overseas for studies, when in all truth, she’d been but a few miles away in a secluded cottage.

It all began about twelve months ago. One stupid, sordid affair with a married man and here she is with an infant in her arms. She’s the most beautiful baby Mary had ever laid eyes on. Mary can’t bear to give her name, knowing she can’t keep her. She’s got big, bright blue eyes and flame red hair, traits of Mary’s.

Mary’s mother and father had decided she’d go into hiding until the baby was born, considering Mary wasn’t married and it’s incredibly frowned upon to have children out of wedlock. The fact that the man was married was another reason the child couldn’t be kept. Too many people would want to know who the father was. Mary and her family would be the gossip of the town if she came home with a baby and no husband, which is precisely why her parents had decided she couldn’t keep the baby.

She’d love to keep her, but appearances are the most important thing to her family. Mary can’t say much, considering she was stupid enough to have the affair in the first place. The plan to get rid of her was completely awful, but there wasn’t much of a choice.

She places the baby in wool clothing before wrapping her in a few blankets. She walks down the shore just outside of her cottage, tugging a small row boat behind her from the house. She can’t help the tears that work their way down her cheeks. The baby coos quietly, not knowing what’s about to happen. Mary places her into the boat, and tucks a note in the blankets the reads:

May 13th, 1632.

I hope someone finds her before it’s too late. She’s a delightful baby, but the circumstances weren’t right. If she’s still alive, please find a nice home for her. I love her dearly and I’m sure you will too. She hasn’t got a name, and she was born on the 4th of February. Thank you, dearly.

~M. {Wick, Scotland}

She sobs as she kisses the baby girl on the cheek and pushes the row boat into the sea. The tides are high and quick, hopefully she’ll have a chance.



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