Story 5: Havana


After Tori Jackson’s mother dies, there’s really nothing holding her in Queens, so she decides to move to Havana, Cuba to live with her life-long pen-pa, Mariposa. She hopes to get a fresh start on life and continue her writing career.

Note: I really know very little about Cuba, so most of the information is googled, and I’m deeply sorry if any of it is inaccurate. I’m trying my best! 🙂 Also, I took some Spanish in high school, so any Spanish added is my own knowledge, so again, sorry if I’m terribly wrong 😀 😀 This was crazily inspired by Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights which I know has some accuracy issues, so I’ll try not to be like that.


All parts listed below!:

Havana: Part One

Havana: Part Two

Havana: Part Three

Havana: Part Four


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