Story 1: Amidala Sunsmuggler

Amidala Sunsmuggler

The story of a young Bosmer, Amidala Sunsmuggler, doing her best to make it in Skyrim- a new world to her. Story closely based on the video game “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.” All photos shown will be my personal game screenshots. Consider it fanfiction with some creative license, I guess. I just wanted the chance to write about the game, I own nothing Skyrim related. This story will contain game spoilers.

Most italics represent dialog and quotes taken from the game. Please excuse any typos and mistakes

All parts listed here!:

Amidala Sunsmuggler: Part One- Busted

Amidala Sunsmuggler: Part Two- Keeping My Head

Amidala Sunsmuggler: Part Three- Welcome to Skyrim

Amidala Sunsmuggler: Part Four- Errand Girl Once More


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